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Subscribe to two simulations specifically designed for the Local Government and Public Sector to help improve key performance areas – delivered on The Simulation Space platform.
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With The Simulation Space platform you can:
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The simulation resources include:
The innovative platform for designing, delivering and managing simulations
Over the course of 3 years and a substantial investment, we have developed a state-of-the-art simulation platform which was designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s Public Sector training market. Our approach led us to develop a platform
that is flexible and scalable, yet robust enough to handle the most demanding organisational initiatives.
What is a simulation? A simulation uses real-world dynamics and places teams of colleagues in a context where they gain exposure to situations and challenges outside of their normal day-to-day roles. In a risk-free environment teams can experiment with developing strategies, balancing critical interdependencies and making decisions to optimise their organisation’s key performance areas.
‘300 managers and colleagues had a really productive learning experience... the simulation
produced so much discussion and debate about how we, in the public sector, balance priorities and
deliver quality services efficiently.’
The Public Sector Experience
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The Public Sector Experience simulation develops an understanding of the challenges of making local government / public sector decisions that impact on different stakeholder
groups while trying to manage budgets and work within set constraints.

The challenge: Which team can manage their budget to deliver set outcomes – and meet stakeholder expectations?

Content & format:
The Public Service Sector simulation was developed in conjunction with the Government Office of the South East (now known as South East England Councils) by Learning Dynamics
for use as an educational / training resource.
Specific learning outcomes:
Public sector employability skills developed by participating in the PSE are:
Specific learning outcomes:
Who: Those working in local government and public sector departments.
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What: Participants work in teams of 6 and are set the challenge of managing a local authority budget in the face of challenging scenario choices and diverse stakeholder interests.
The budget and scenario topics include issues which are the concern of many local authorities:
How delivered:
Live classroom delivery:
This simulation is delivered live in a classroom situation. All resources are provided in electronic format. Facilitation can be by LD or the client organisation.
This simulation can be delivered live over one day or two days.
Facilitator simulation resources:
The following resources are provided:
  1. Facilitator guide
  2. Introductory slide presentation
  3. Team Briefing in electronic format
  4. Team decisions scoring software (spreadsheet format)
  5. Results presentation
Team Resources include:
A comprehensive team briefing, an explanation of decisionsto be taken and how these will be scored and scenarios. All resources are provided in electronic format.
Simulation benefits:
The Project Management
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Effective management of key projects
Many organisations go through substantial strategic and operational transformation driven by changes in the business environment and competitor activity. In order for this transformation to be successful, the business requires the effective management of key projects and the ability to drive and manage the change created by these projects. Stakeholder involvement and buy-in
The objectives of the project management simulation are to help underpin the strategic focus of the designated Project Sponsors/Managers and to provide them with an overview of
project management, covering the complete life cycle of project phases from definition to review, with additional tools to help them get the involvement and buy-in of stakeholders.
Learning outcomes – Managing Strategic Projects
This programme is designed to enhance participant engagement through the use of experiential learning including a project management simulation. The simulation is not designed to develop professional project managers but to enable future senior managers to develop of a range of competencies that are appropriate to managing strategic projects and a set of tools and frameworks that they can apply to their real-life projects in order to deliver them on-time, to budget and to specification/quality standards.
Effective use of change models and tools
The project management simulation is also be used to explore the way that strategic transformation in the business demands fundamental change within the business and how this can be managed effectively using key change models and tools.
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