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On-line platform for smarter simulations
On-line simulation platform for engaged students
On-line simulation platform for a better learning experience
On-line simulation platform for smarter employability skills
The Simulation Space is an innovative easy-to-use digital platform delivering world-class business simulations

Our market leading simulation portfolio is used by over 70 UK and 25 South African universities and major corporations for course content, graduate induction, apprentice programmes and corporate employee development.

Our innovative smulations add experiential course content, improve engagement, develop employability / work skills and promote enterprise and commercial awareness.

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The innovative
Simulation Space platform:
  • Is the smarter way to adopt and use business simulations
  • Gives you access anywhere, anytime
  • Puts you and your team in control
  • Easy to subscribe to one or more simulations
  • Delivers quality, scalability and global access on all devices
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Market-leading portfolio for University and Corporate learning:
  • Our market-leading portfolio of innovative simulations add experiential course/programme content
  • Improve engagement and learning outcomes
  • Encourage team-working and essential workplace skills
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Transform learning
  • The Simulation Space platform delivers Learning Dynamics’s immersive, engaging simulations
  • a smarter way to add and deliver experiential course content / learning
  • enables business theory and process to be put into practice
  • in a safe realistic business environment
Enhance engagement
  • ‘This is more like real life, it’s what we will deal with in the real world rather than just having someone talk to us in a lecture’ - student participating in The Strategy Experience simulation
  • Delivers an improved the learning experience which results in enhanced engagement
Improve employability and workplace skills
  • Improve skills that can lead to better employability prospects
  • Our simulations enable students to use their theory and put it into practice in a simulated business environment, thereby gaining direct experience
26,000 students develop their employability skills on the UBC Worldwide / The Simulation Space
The Universities Business Challenge Worldwide – the premier global event for employability skills development - runs on The Simulation Space platform
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‘Our apprentices enhanced their capabilities’
- Laura Kyme
AON Apprentice Programme

Standalone or Integrate
The Simulation Space platform and simulation content can be used as a standalone platform or can easily integrate with other LMSs
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How to embed simulations in your programme
To contact Learning Dynamics with any queries on simulations or to join a demo, please call or complete the enquiry form

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The Simulation Space vision: To provide an on-line platform with authoritative simulations and experiential programme content developed by Learning Dynamics that make teaching and learning more engaging and effective
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