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Employability skills - do your students have the qualities employers seek?
Simulations: The Student Employability Perspective

The use of simulations continues to grow in Higher Education business schools.
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'A key to student buy-in is evidence of the enhanced overall learning and competencies acquired through participation in simulations.’
Higher Education institutions, lecturers, students and future employers are all seeking enhanced learning and student employability competencies. A demonstrable link between the use of simulations and key competencies would present a win for all stakeholders.

Research by two respected academics is helpful providing these findings. The two papers are by:

Anne Crowley et al, Department of Organisation and Professional Development, Cork Institute of Technology, Cork, Ireland.

Jason Evans, et al, School of Management, University of Gloucestershire provides a step towards positive evidence.

Both papers provide a step towards positive evidence. To quote a summary finding from Evans et al, ’the use of simulation based training….has shaped students’ competencies.’

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