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The Simulation Space is an innovative easy-to-use digital platform delivering world-class business simulations
Subscribe to world-class business simulations designed specifically for the development of graduates, apprentices and future senior managers run on our innovative The Simulation Space on-line platform.
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Some of the companies benefitting from our simulations around the world:
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With The Simulation Space platform you can:
  • subscribe to one or more simulations
  • set up your corporate home page
  • assign employees to teams
  • assign mentors
  • share learning materials
  • track progress
  • see results for all teams
  • access on any device, anywhere, anytime
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The simulation resources include:
  • Access to materials for facilitators and mentors including presentations to introduce the simulation, videos and audios that provide coaching specific to the simulation and individual learning reviews/ROI evaluation
  • Ability to view individual results and feedback provided to each team based on their performance at each stage of the simulation.
  • Surveys and quizzes to enable participants to articulate their
    learning and its application to their current and future role in
    your organisation.
The innovative platform for designing, delivering and managing simulations
Over the course of 3 years and a substantial investment, we have developed a state of the art simulation platform which was designed specifically to meet the needs of today's Corporate training market. Our approach led us to develop a platform that is flexible and scalable, yet robust enough to handle the most demanding global corporate initiatives across regions and time zones.
Simulations for: Graduate and Apprentice Programme | Future Senior Managers
Graduates and apprentices
World-class team-based business simulation that accelerates experience and skills
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Simulation 1:
The Business Management & Commercial Awareness Experience
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As Graduates and Apprentices enter the workplace the Business & Commercial Awareness simulation gives them a head-start, so they:
Key skills covered in the simulation:
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The Simulation Space platform has innovative tools and features that enable HRD teams to set-up, manage, deliver and review each simulation with ease, including:
‘ I look back at my graduate induction programme, the day I most remember
is the business simulation day run by Learning Dynamics. It was exciting and challenging and I learnt so much about
how the business world works, how business decisions drive financial performance and how my contribution to my team’s effort can make the difference between failure and success’
- RBS Graduate Trainee
‘The simulation was a highly engaging activity for our Apprentices and an opportunity to enhance their capabilities ready to take on their first role in the company. It also provided our Apprentices with the opportunity to examine the common factors between the simulated business performance and our own business performance’.
- Laura Kyme, Apprentice Programme Leader, Aon
Global access
The Business & Commercial Awareness simulation can be run as part of a Graduate or Apprentice Induction programme in the same location or can be accessed on-line globally 24/7 on any device.
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Future Senior Managers programme:
3 key abilities for the transition
As identified high flyers prepare to move from middle to senior management positions, there are three key abilities that will enable them to manage that transition most effectively:
Develop these skills with 2
simulation-based programmes

Learning Dynamics / The Simulation Space offers two simulation-based programmes that will enable future senior managers to develop and test these skills in a risk-free environment within their peer group.
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Simulation 2:
Formulating & Implementing
Strategy Simulation
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Changing focus from operational to strategic
This is a hands-on senior management development programme designed to help change the focus from operational to strategic in preparation for a leadership role within the organisation.
Identify options for organisational growth
“The key result for me from participating in the programme is that I can identify options for organisational growth that deliver shareholder value. I feel ready to take on a strategic leadership role”.
Formulating & Implementing Strategy Simulation participant, the BBC.
‘We used the Formulating & Implementing Strategy simulation both as a development tool for our future senior managers and
as an opportunity to assess how ready they were to take on a senior leadership role’

– CEO Global Logistics Company
Simulation 3:
The Project Management
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Effective management of key projects
Many organisations go through substantial strategic and operational transformation driven by changes in the business
environment and competitor activity. In order for this transformation to be successful, the business requires the
effective management of key projects and the ability to drive and manage the change created by these projects.
Stakeholder involvement and buy-in
The objectives of the project management simulation are to help underpin the strategic focus of the designated Project
Sponsors/Managers and to provide them with an overview of project management, covering the complete life cycle of project
phases from definition to review, with additional tools to help them get the involvement and buy-in of stakeholders.
Learning outcomes – Managing Strategic Projects
This programme is designed to enhance participant engagement through the use of experiential learning including a project
management simulation. The simulation is not designed to develop professional project managers but to enable future
senior managers to develop of a range of competencies that are appropriate to managing strategic projects and a set of tools and frameworks that they can apply to their real-life projects in order to deliver them on-time, to budget and to specification/quality standards.
Effective use of change models and tools
The project management simulation is also be used to explore the way that strategic transformation in the business demands fundamental change within the business and how this can be managed effectively using key change models and tools.
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The perfect solution to transform learning
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